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Guided Hunting in Wyoming
Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Moose, Bighorn Sheep

Allen's Diamond 4 Ranch is a family owned Wyoming Hunting Outfitter providing top quality Guided Hunts since 1973. Many repeat hunters come back year after year because of the personal attention, high success and quality of our Guided Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose and Bighorn Sheep hunts.We offer experience and hard work and our friendly guides will help you have a successful and memorable hunt for quality big game animals in unspoiled country. We lease some ranches in addition to hunting hundreds of thousands of wilderness and public land acres in western Wyoming. We are dedicated to making your western hunt a great vacation. We are also happy to arrange combo hunts for most species. Fortunately, wolves and grizzlies have not impacted our herds. Jim Allen is a Lander, Wyoming native whose family settled here in the 1870's to ranch and guide. Contact Jim anytime to book a great hunting vacation.

Elk Hunting: With two remote wilderness elk tent camps, you can enjoy our classic horseback hunt or you can choose to hunt desert elk from our home ranch.
We spot and stalk, bugle, walk and ride horses on archery or rifle elk hunts, so get in shape and practice shooting and riding. Our wilderness elk hunts offer seclusion in unspoiled elk country, typically ranging from 60%-80% opportunity on bulls. The large majority of our hunters harvest 5 or 6 point bulls. Wilderness elk hunting altitudes range from 9,000'-11,000'. These mountain elk hunts are very rigorous and you must be physically fit and healthy to book a hunt. You can expect long hours of horseback riding and walking in rugged, high altitude terrain.The desert elk hunting is easier with altitudes about 7,000-8,000'. We drive 4X4 pickups, walk and spot and stalk on desert elk hunts but tags are harder to draw there than on our wilderness elk hunts. Lodging, meals, guides and field trophy care are provided for our elk hunters. Elk hunts are great father and son hunts or you can bring a group of friends We normally limit our wilderness elk camps to 6 hunters. All Wyoming elk licenses are sold via drawing with very high draw success (100% last year). Wyoming's elk license application period is Jan 1-31. Contact us for assistance and details.

Antelope Hunting and Mule Deer Hunting
is highly successful and based from our ranch near Lander. Our sucess rate for mule deer and antelope hunting has been 99% for 43 years. You can hunt either antelope or mule deer singly or in combination. These are both great father and son hunts or for a group of friends. We spot and stalk on private ranch leases and thousands of public land acres. Experienced and dedicated guides work hard to make your Wyoming hunt a successful and memorable experience. Lodging and meals are provided at our home ranch in a friendly and hospitable atmoshere. If you fill your tag early, you can also enjoy fishing or varmint hunting. The deadline for Deer and Antelope license applications is May 31. Licenses are generally easy to draw. Contact Jim for assistance and more details.

Guided Hunts - Moose
and Bighorn Sheep are 1X1 Hunts and are only for the most dedicated outdoorsman willing to perservere, but we have high success on both animals. We pack in on horses for wilderness moose or sheep hunts and our guides scout before your arrival to increase your odds of success. These are basically once-in-a-lifetime hunts in spectacular country, however, you must have several Wyoming preference points to draw a license. The deadline for Moose and Sheep hunting applications is Feb 28. Contact Jim for details

Please contact Jim Allen now for license application assistance and for full details on booking one of our Wyoming Guided Hunts.
We look forward to helping you book a great hunting vacation in wonderful western Wyoming!

Jim and Mary Allen
Jim is a past president of the
Wyoming Outfitters & Guides Association

Jessie Allen and elk hunter
Fall 2017

Wyoming Outfitter License #6

2019 RATES


7 Day Archery Elk Hunt-$6,000

9 Day Archery Elk Hunt-$7,100


7 Day Wilderness Elk Hunt-$6,000

9 Day Wilderness Elk Hunt-$7,100


6 Day Desert Elk Hunt-$6,000

8 Day Desert Elk Hunt-$7,100


9 Day Elk & Antelope Combo Hunt- $7,700


5 Day Deer & Antelope Combo Hunt-$5,900


3 Day Antelope Only Hunt-$2,400

DEER, OCTOBER 15-23 (2X1)

4 Day Deer Only Hunt-$4,600


10 Day Moose Hunt-$7,600

10 Day Bighorn Sheep Hunt-$9,600

10% Youth Discount 18 & under

Plus Tax and Tips on all hunts

Hunters must also have a Wyoming Conservation Stamp, $15.50 and bring their Hunter Safety Card.
You may purchase your Conservation Stamp online:

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All hunts are fully guided and include meals and accomodations at a wilderness camp or our ranch. The per hunter rates listed here are for 2X1 (2 hunters per guide) unless a private guide is requested for an extra fee of $150/day x length of hunt (except archery elk, moose and sheep which is 1X1). Call Jim for licensing details or you may call the Wyoming Game and Fish Department at 1-800-842-1934 or 1-307-777-4600 for current license applications and fees.

You are our guests at the Diamond 4 Ranch from the time of your arrival until the time of your departure. If hunt success comes early, nearby sights and fishing are available.
Come as a hunter, leave as a friend.

2020 RATES

7 DAY ELK $6,250
9 DAY ELK $7,400
MBO $5,900
4 DAY DEER $4,600
10 DAY MOOSE $7,900
10 DAY SHEEP $9,900


HOME Diamond 4 Ranch

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WE FURNISH: One guide per two hunters, 2X1. If you don't want to share a guide, a Private guide is $150/day extra, if requested. Full time cook serving ranch style meals three times a day in the cabin at the ranch or a heated wall tent at elk camps. Lodging: spike camps have tents with wood stove and lantern. Beds w/sheets, pillows and showers at ranch during deer and antelope hunts or desert elk hunts. Veteran hunting horses with scabbards and saddle bags for hunting in the 6,000 to 11,000 ft altitudes. Mostly walking and 4WD for deer and antelope hunts and for desert elk. Field dressing and horse packing of your game. Quality, personal service for our guests on fair chase hunts. *Non Hunting Persons $350/day on wilderness hunts, $200/day on ranch hunts.


CLOTHING & GEAR LIST-YOU FURNISH: Wyoming Conservation Stamp, Hunter Safety Card, Wyoming License - write or call us for licensing details. Good quality 3x9 scope mounted on bolt action rifle (sighted in for 200 yds.) 4 Boxes of Shells. Practice shooting before arrival! We furnish scabbards for 40mm scoped rifles. 50mm scopes require larger scabbards, you need to bring your own. Warm sleeping bag, air mattress and pillow (except deer and antelope or desert elk hunts). Practice shooting at 300-400 yards and get in shape before your hunt. We like bolt action 30 caliber rifles for elk and moose, such as 30.06, .338 magnum, .300 magnum, or even 7mm magnums. We recommend muzzle brakes for big magnums to reduce flinching. For deer and antelope, we like medium calibers such as .270. 7mm magnum, .280, .264 or a 30.06. We have had bad experiences with semi-automatics and pump action rifles and we prefer bolt actions. A .243 is a minimum for antelope. We want one-shot kills and you are responsible for them so practice a lot at home at long ranges.
Felt lined snow boots and hiking boots, gaitors. Orange cap or vest, day pack, water bottle and water filter. Warm gloves and wool liners. Noiseless Camo rain gear (ie Dry-Plus
). Wool shirts, wool socks, warm all-season camo jacket, long underwear (moisture wicking). Wool and denim pants. Fleece clothing is excellent. Binoculars, sunglasses, knife, flashlight, alarm clock etc.

Gratuity of 15-20% is a customary tip (split among your guide, wrangler and cook). Taxidermy and meat processing costs are yours. Horseback riding practice prior to mountain hunt is crucial. Since game is nocturnal, be prepared to ride in the dark to get to their habitat in time to hunt. All hunters must be in good physical shape, have a positive attitude, good sportsmanship and respect for Wyoming game laws. We also highly emphasize safe gun handling and may refuse service if you are unsafe with your weapons.Temperatures can vary from -15 to +70 degrees on any of our hunts, but snow and cold usually comes later in the season. But expect snow anytime and be prepared for it.

ARCHERY-Archery elk hunters should bring a hard bow case, as small and lightweight as possible for carrying their bow on a pack horse. In addition to an elk license, archers are also required to purchase a $30 Wyoming archery license, available in Lander or any Wyoming sporting goods store over the counter. Archers should bring quiet, moisture wicking, camo clothing and good hiking boots. We prefer guiding archers for elk or moose only, not for deer or antelope. Practice shooting and estimating distances at 10-40 yards, holding your draw for 2 minutes and shooting from impromptu positions.

DEPOSIT POLICY & GETTING YOUR LICENSE: All Wyoming hunting licenses are on computer draw and we prefer to submit our clients hunting license online applications for them, so you will need to provide us your personal and credit card information for the license application. We require a 25% hunt deposit upon booking which is refundable only if you fail to draw a tag. Or you can let it ride and try again the following year. We suggest booking early and buying preference points at least one year prior to your hunt. and the balance Sept 1st. The balance is non-refundable once the hunt begins. You must be in reasonable physical condition and able to safely participate in your hunt. If uncertain, ask your doctor.
First come -first serve. We'll need to see your license in Lander. I highly recommend building preference points.

ONCE YOU BOOK YOUR HUNT: Please practice shooting your rifle at 300 & 400 yards in various positions, not just from a bench. Work out and increase lung capacity. Quit smoking before your hunt because smoking impedes you at high altitudes, the game smells it and you could start a fire. Upon your arrival in Lander, we will go to the rifle range and check to insure that your rifle is sighted in for 200 yards and that you can hit the 300 yeard target and 400 yard silhouette. Required Conservation Stamps, $12.50, can be purchased in town or online from Wyoming Game and Fish Department https://wgfd.wyo.gov/elso/elsowelcome.aspx
You must also bring and carry your Hunter Safety Card if you were born after 1966. Wyoming honors your state's Hunter Safety card.

PREFERENCE POINTS: Wyoming has issued sheep and moose preference points for many years and began a preference point system for non-resident elk, deer and antelope on January 1, 2006. Elk preference points cost $50, deer $40 and antelope are $30. I highly recommend preference points, especially for elk and antelope. I will submit your online license applications with the preference point option. If you do not draw, Game and Fish will refund your license money and keep $50, $40 or $30 and award you an elk, deer or antelope preference point. If you draw, the state keeps your license money and refunds your preference point money. Or you can buy a preference point only with no chance for a license from July 1-October 31 yourself at https://wgfd.wyo.gov/elso/elsowelcome.aspx. An applicant may fail to apply for a license or fail to purchase a preference point for one year without losing accumulated preference points. However, if an applicant fails to properly apply for a license or purchase a preference point for two consecutive years, the accumulated preference points will be deleted by Game and Fish. Please call me, Jim Allen, anytime for information about applying for licenses and preference point strategy or you can ask the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for more information.


HOME Diamond 4 Ranch

  For more information and reservations, please call:

Jim and Mary Allen
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(307) 332-2995
Jim cell (307) 349-6784

Licensed Professional OutfitterSince 1973

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