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* Please give copy to each trip member

DIRECTIONS TO DICKINSON PARK: From Lander drive 14 miles NW on Hwy 287 to Hines General Store and turn left on Trout Creek Road and go 4.5 miles to end of pavement. From here on it is a dirt road which winds up two different groups of switchbacks gaining 4,000 feet of elevation in 15 miles. Leave with a full tank of gas and spare tire. You will need a tribal fishing license to use the road to Dickinson Park. These can be purchased (by cash or local checks only) in Lander at the Exxon Station or Wild Iris, in Dubois at Marlow's Fly Shop, in Crowheart at the Crowheart Exxon, in Riverton at Rocky Mountain Sports, or in Ft Washakie at Hines Store, before driving up. This scenic 35 mile drive across the Wind River Indian Reservation into the Shoshone National Forest usually takes 1½ hours from Lander, and from Riverton add another 45 minutes.
Do not use GPS.

TRAVEL & LODGING: Riverton, WY Airport is 30 miles from Lander, served by Denver Air Connection . Riverton airport has Hertz car rentals. For an airport shuttle from Riverton to Dickinson Park contact Wind River Shuttle 307 438-9740, or Classic Cruise Control Some groups prefer to rent a car from Denver or Salt Lake, either is a 6 hour drive to Lander. Jackson Hole airport is 3 hours from Lander, near Yellowstone and the Tetons, and a beautiful drive over the mountains to Lander. This combines nicely with touring Yellowstone before or after your Diamond 4 Ranch visit.
There are several motels in Riverton and Lander, and Dickinson Park campground is free.

CABIN: For our Pack Trip guests only, this allows you a smooth, early start on the first morning of your pack trip. (Not available for large hiking groups since we have only a few cabins.) Please use your sleeping bags.
Avoid lighting candles, campfires, cigarettes, etc., due to fire danger at the ranch. No pets please.
By Reservation Only: Cabin, Dinner & Breakfast - $90/Person; Cabin & Breakfast - $75/Person;
Cabin only - $65/person.

CLOTHING LIST : The only thing between you and the elements is your clothing. Plenty of layers (including fleece, wool, polypro and polyfil) and GOOD QUALITY 2 piece rain jacket and pants are essential. Ponchos are extremely dangerous because they spook horses when it’s windy. The mountains are noted for unpredictable and changing weather and at 11,000 ft. elevation with no timber (Bears Ears trail esp.), high winds and sideways rain and sleet storms are not an uncommon occurrence; but so is lots of sunshine! We cannot guarantee the weather; please come prepared for either extreme! Please see the clothing list for advice. We suggest putting your name on all your gear and on outside of your bags, we cannot be responsible for lost items. Riding helmets are not provided, you may bring your own. We do not provide alcoholic beverages but you may furnish your own.

SAFETY & EMERGENCIES: To go on any of our trips you must be in good health and not adversely affected by high altitudes. You should bring an ample supply of any medication that you normally use. Riding experience is helpful but not mandatory. You should be old enough to get on the horse and young enough to stay on. You should be aware that there are certain risks associated with all wilderness travel such as, but not limited to: high rivers, rocky narrow trails; horses spooked by other users, i.e., llamas, dogs & backpackers; high altitude sickness, snow, rockslides, falling trees, lightening, and hungry black bears who’ll steal your groceries unless properly stowed. We can, for our regular rates, provide assistance in case of emergency or evacuation. Expenses resulting from helicopter evacuation are also your responsibility.Cell phones usually don’t work in camp due to high peaks and ridges, however we recommend them, in case of emergency you can climb a ridge to gain line of sight. Another safety option is to bring a sattelite phone.
Please do not bring dogs because they can harass wildlife & spook horses, endangering your safety.

* All trip participants are expected to follow all applicable Forest Service rules and Game & Fish laws while with us. It is your responsibility to have a fishing license, follow creel limits & practice camping 200 feet away from lakes, streams and trails.

BEST SEASON: People often ask when to come. Summer comes late to the high country and leaves early, so our season is late-June thru mid-September. Ice-out marks the beginning of good fishing and it comes to the highest lakes as late as mid-July. Snowdrifts can also block trails above timberline until then, but there are some beautiful lake basins accessible before that. July has abundant wildflowers, great fishing, and mosquitoes. August also has great fishing, no bugs, but more visitors. September is autumn with red and yellow leaves on the aspen and willows, great stream fishing, no people, but always the threat of snow. Proper planning and equipment will help you enjoy any season. You can generally expect daytime highs of 60° to 70°, nitetime lows of 30° to 45°.

SPOT PACK TRIP INFO: Please be at our Dickinson Park ranch by 7:30 am with your gear packed and ready to go on a pack horse. We will begin adjusting stirrups for riders and packing your gear on pack horses. Keep out everything you will need for the day’s ride, in a day pack or to be put in saddle bags on your riding horse: lunch, water bottle, good raingear, extra layer (warm jacket for Bears Ears trail), hat, gloves, sun protection. Weekends are busy so if you want more flexibility in booking your Spot Pack Trip with us, plan to ride in and out midweek.

All your gear will go into our cordura panniers, which will hang equally on either side of the pack horse, with some room on top for sleeping bags or tents etc. People sometimes misunderstand the weight/bulk ratio. Light, fluffy items fill a pack horse quickly, often resulting in a full load weighing less than 140 lbs. Several smaller bags are best for packing and balancing. Call 1-800-CAMPMOR or for 12" x 24" "Outdoor Products Basic Duffels". (Large army duffels and long tent poles do not fit.) Frame backpacks are okay if you need them, one on either side of the horse. We charge for each pack horse you use, so pack light and tight to save $$. Compression stuff sacks are perfect. Think small and compact.

We encourage catch & release fishing. Use barbless hooks or flatten barbs with pliers. Don’t bring live bait. Fishing rods in protective pack-rod cases 36" max.
You may purchase your Wyoming fishing license online from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, before you come on your trip:
For fishing licenses and supplies locally visit next to the Exxon in Lander.
*All trip participants are expected to follow all applicable Forest Service rules and Game & Fish laws while with us. It is your responsibility to have a Wyoming Fishing License and follow creel limits. US Forest Service rules practice camping 200 feet from lakes, streams and trails, and food storage.

PACKING YOUR FOOD: Please have your food packed up in appropriate bags ready for the pack horse, when you arrive by 7:00 am. Nylon zipper bags work well for most of your supplies. Soft insulated coolers are great for your frozen meat and other cold or smashable items. ‘‘Playmate’’ size coolers are also okay; NO large coolers. Per Forest Service rules, food must be stored or hung (bring cord). Bear containers are heavy and inneficient to pack, the "Ursack" is approved for food storage and makes great sense, search for Ursack at . Fragile items (ex. lanterns, fishing rods) must be in sturdy cases. Packing Light, Tight, and Compact saves $.

Your wranglers will turn around and bring the empty horses out in the same day you ride in, making a long day for horses and wranglers, often getting home after dark. So help them and yourself get to a campsite early by moving right along on the trail. A 15% gratuity, split among your wranglers, is customary. Thanks!

MOUNTAIN RANCH VACATION: In tradition of the old west, the Diamond 4 Ranch is named after Jim & Mary Allen's horse brand. We breed, raise and train our own sturdy, gentle mountain-wise horses for your use on the ranch. With only 4 guest cabins and a capacity of 10-15 ranch guests per week, we offer you a friendly, personalized dude ranch experience. Cabins are complete with bedding, pillows, and towels for Mountain Ranch Vacation guests. Facilities include shower houses and outhouses. The Diamond 4 is the highest ranch in Wyoming and the only ranch at the edge of the 100,000 acre Popo Agie (pronounced Puh-Po' sia) Wilderness Area. You might also consider driving to the Oregon Trail, Yellowstone Park or Wind River Indian Reservation while you're in the area. Check-in time 4:00 p.m. - Check-out time 10:00 a.m. WELCOME TO WYOMING!

For Reservations and trip information contact Jessie or Jim & Mary Allen at their home office during fall, winter and spring months at 307-332-2995. During July & August we move up to our Diamond 4 Ranch in Dickinson Park where there is cell service only: Jessie 307-349-6675 Jim 307-349-6784 or Mary 307-349-7736


Times below are an approximate of non-stop travel time. Every stop along the trail adds to your saddle time. Carefully consider ages and abilities of your group when planning your pack trip. Keep It Fun!  

Middle Lk. - 4 hrs/ 10 mi
Valentine Lk. - 6 hrs/ 15 mi 
Cliff Lk. - 5 hrs/ 12 mi
Dutch Oven Lk. - 5½ hrs/ 14 mi  
Baer Lk. - 5½ hrs/ 15 mi
Washakie Lk. - 7 hrs/ 17½ mi
Lonesome Lk. - 6½ hrs/ 17 mi
Grave Lk. - 8 hrs/ 20 mi
The inlet of Grave Creek on Grave Lake is as far as we can go for a one day charge.
Baptiste and Mt. Hooker are a 10 hour ride and charged at two days.
Stough Creek Lakes - 4 hrs/ 10 mi
There will be a fuel surcharge

Non-Resident Daily Fishing License- $14.00/ Day
Non-Resident 5 Consecutive Day Fishing License - $54

NON - RESIDENT YOUTH under 14 do not need a license if accompanied by an adult possessing a valid Wyoming fishing license, however, the nonresident youth’s bag limit shall be applied to and limited by the fishing license held by the adult person in his/ her company. Light weight waders are fun to have but not absolutely essential. Please catch and release big fish.

TRIBAL PERMIT - Tribal permits are required for adults to travel across a section of the Wind River Indian Reservation to reach our ranch. A permit is only needed for days travelling to and from the ranch, in addition to any days you may spend fishing on the reservation on your own. (We do not guide on the reservation.)
1 Day Tribal Fishing License- $25

The creel limit on trout shall be six (6) per day from lakes, three (3) from streams, or total (6) in posession. No more than one (1) shall exceed sixteen (16) inches.No more than one (1) cutthroat shall exceed twelve (12) inches.Limit on brook trout is sixteen (16).

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