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Welcome! The Youth Camp will start at 8:00 a.m. on the first day at our Lander ranch, 5555 Hwy 287 (4 miles from Lander). We will check everyone's gear and if necessary make a last trip to town for needed items or fishing licenses. Then the trucks are loaded and we head up the mountain to the Diamond Four Ranch in Dickinson Park, about a 1 1/2 hours drive.

The first class is tent pitching, as we set up our "mountain home" for the next several days. Meals are served at the Diamond 4 Ranch cookhouse. The days are filled with formal and informal learning of wilderness skills and include lots of hiking, riding and fishing with an emphasis on safety, conservation, and good expedition behavior. The Wind River Mountains are their classroom. While based at the ranch in Dickinson Park, we can be reached on the cell phone (please limit to urgent messages) Jessie 307-349-6675, Mary 307-349-7736 or Jim 307-349-6784

Each day is filled with wilderness adventure and exploration while doing lots of hiking, fishing and learning more about the flora and fauna of the area. Practicing good camping skills includes fire building and perfecting s'mores!

For those of you who are flying, airline reservations may be made for arrival into Riverton, Wyoming via Great Lakes Air (United codeshare) or Denver Air Connection. We will pick up and return kids to the Riverton Airport and overnight them at our ranch the extra nights. They will be under our care from arrival until departure.

Please call with any questions.


___ Jeans 3 pair

___ Sleeping Bag & Stuff Sac: synthetic fill, warm to 15 F

___ T - Shirts

___ Sleeping Pad

___ Long Sleeve Shirts 4

___ Hiking Boots - lightweight

___ Sweatshirts

___ Cowboy Boots

___ Fleece or Wool Sweater

___ Rubber Boots

___ Heavy Jacket - synthetic fill

___ Sneakers

___ Vest & Windbreaker - optional

___ Waterproofing (mink oil) or pre-treat boots

___ Long Underwear Top & Bottom - polypro or capilene (No cotton)

___ Socks 5 pair - at least 3 pair wool or wicking fiber

___ Stocking Cap (fleece/wool)

___ Cowboy Hat and/or Cap

___ Underwear

___ Riding Helmet - optional

___ Bandanna

___ Gloves - fleece or wool

___ Comb, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.

___ Gloves - leather

___ Chapstick

___ Water Bottle - plastic 1 qt.

___ Sunscreen

___ Day Pack

___ Mosquito repellent

___ Pocket Knife

___ Sunglasses

___ Compass

___ Flashlight & Batteries

___ Duffel Bags 2 or 3 (for organizing gear)

___ Camera & Film

___ Fishing License Non-Resident Youth $15 (age 14 -18) Resident Youth $3

___ Swimsuit & Towel

___ $50 Pocket money

___ Rain Gear - good quality jacket and pants

___ Fishing Gear - trail rod, reel, 20 assorted flies size 12-14, 20 lures - castmaster, meps, daredevil, rooster tail etc


Everything on the list is essential to have on the trip, fishing is optional but recommended. Riding helmets are your choice, and not customarily used on western ranches since trail riding is walking single file, no jumping. Please bring what you are comfortable with.

Our priority for head cover is sun and rain protection and warmth, (ie cowboy hat or cap and stocking cap). Gear should be rugged and functional. Layers of "moisture wicking" fibers (wool, polypro, fleece, dacron) are essential in the mountains to stay warm and dry, as is a good set of rain jacket and pants (no ponchos for horseback riding).

We are camping at 9200 ft elevation. and snow in July is not unheard of. Put your name on every article. You will need at least one change of town clothes for before and after the trip, to be kept in a separate duffel. Include shorts as Lander may be hot. Spending money is for any needed gear or in-town stops.

Some good sources for outdoor gear:
Cabelas 1-800-237-4444
Campmor 1-800-CAMPMOR

Riding Helmets: 1-900-637-6721
State Line Tack 1-800-228-9208

Youth Camp
Reservation Form

Reservation Form

For more information and reservations, please call:

Jim and Mary Allen
P.O. Box 243
Lander, WY 82520

Home Ranch (307) 332-2995
Cell - Jessie (307) 349- 6675, Jim (307) 349-6784 or Mary 349-7736

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