Allen's Diamond 4 Ranch Youth Camp
Diamond 4 Ranch - Youth Camp

July 6 - July 12, 2017
Wilderness Camping and Adventure
in the Wind River Mountains

Horseback Riding, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Navigation, Map Reading and Orienteering,
Riflery, Axemanship, Wilderness Skills



The Diamond 4 Ranch Youth Camp is a seven day horse camp in the wild country of Wyoming's beautiful Wind River Range. This uniquely western adventure focuses heavily on horsemanship, but our campers also learn numerous skills important to surviving in the mountains. Campers of all levels are welcome. The experienced staff of Allen's Diamond 4 Ranch provides a fun learning experience for every child, from campers without any experience to seasoned cowboys and cowgirls.
We practice low-impact practices, leaving the wilderness as untouched as we found it.

Diamond 4 campers will learn all of the basics of working with horses, including catching and saddling their own horse. They will become experienced young riders and horsemen in a safe environment (all of our riding is done at a walk due to the rough terrain).

We use our own legs as much as we ride our horses. Some days include a short nature hike during which we learn about trees and flowers, while others involve a longer trek. Campers learn what clothing to wear and what survival objects and clothing to pack in a day pack. Orienteering and map reading are learned skills essential for each member of the group to help navigate the way to our destination. Campers are also introduced to the idea of good expedition behavior, or simply put, looking out for each other. This is a very basic (yet extremely important) attitude when the success of a group depends on each individual; it is also a valuable social tool that campers can use for the rest of their lives.

We also have lots of opportunity for mountain fishing. Campers receive instruction in fly fishing and/or spin fishing, but some opt for leaving their gear at home and taking a cold dip in the lake or stream instead.

Campers learn basic skills and safety in both axemanship and riflery. The remote wilderness trails were (and still are) cleared completely by hand; axemanship is a fundamental skill for backwoods travel.
Although we don't carry firearms on routine excursions, a basic knowledge of rifle safety and marksmanship are wilderness skills utilized by early mountain explorers for their survival and sustenance. A basic knowledge of firearms and gun safety is just as important for youth today.

Campers are given expert instruction and are monitored very closely when using axes and rifles.
Our number one goal is safety for everyone.
Any camper can be removed from the activity by behaving carelessly.

YOUTH CAMP Itinerary and printable Gear List

"The trip Ira and Erin had with you this past summer was a thrill for them. They retell each other stories from the trip with great fondness for all of you and the other campers, and the wranglers. Thank you for all the guidance and care you gave them. We all think of you and those spectacular mountains when we think of Wyoming." Neil

"Just talked to a very excited kid - 'Mom, we learned TONS!' Thanks so much for giving her a great experience - hope I get to come along next time." Kelly

"Christin was wonderful with Nick. And where did you find Brittney and Peter? They are two of the most impressive young people I've met. Funny, smart, caring and challenging. Nick hopes they'll be back next year because he certainly plans to be! At one point Nick said, 'They're like my other family.' And I think that says it all." ~Ann

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YOUTH CAMP Itinerary and printable Gear List

July 6 - July 12, 2017
Ages 10-16