Guiding Hunters

Jess Filson.JPG

I enjoyed the past two months of guiding hunters this fall. When I’m guiding, I teach about the local ecosystem, animal behaviors, horsemanship, edible plants, how to dissect the meaning of each contour line on a topographic map, weather patterns, geology and more.

Harvesting elk in the wild places of Wyoming is so much more than the act of the kill itself. This picture involved a week-long experience - riding 20 miles into the wilderness, waking up at 3am every day, riding horses in the dark each morning and night and hiking/glassing/riding all day in all types of weather conditions. There is truly nothing like it.

While hunting, you see every second of the sun’s rise and set, while quietly embedding yourself into the landscape as you observe and tune into the land’s natural rhythm. All senses tune in and awareness is heightened. Every decision has a direct consequence. I am thankful that hunting has made me a more competent, savvy outdoorswoman, and I am thankful to retrieve my meat from the wild places and not the grocery store.