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Filson Story

Hunting might seem like an uncomfortable topic to discuss on a yoga retreat, but as a lifelong outdoorswoman who is both a yoga teacher and a hunting guide, I aim to bridge that gap. The story I’m about to share is a way to give thanks, to practice remembrance and honor the process of food retrieval from the wild places of Wyoming.

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New York Times Recognition

Seeing the New York Times mention my Women’s Wellness Trip as part of the “2019 Top Places to Visit” has me reminiscing on how this dream first began. How could I provide a space that would encourage women of all stages in life to explore the mountains - to feel savvy, capable and connected in the backcountry?

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Women Wranglers

I couldn’t be more grateful to have been raised around so many strong, competent, resilient, upbeat, handy women and men on the ranch. Cheers to all you incredible gals and guys of the Diamond 4 who have shared your badassery over the years!

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