Please print out this Reservation Form. Have each person complete and sign this form, and send the entire form and cover letter detailing itinerary to: Allen’s Diamond 4 Ranch, P.O. Box 243, Lander, WY 82520 with non-refundable 25% Deposit check for entire party.  Balance due on or before arrival. We recommend purchasing travel insurance. No refunds for early departure or cancellation. Cash, checks or travelers checks accepted - no credit cards.

MOUNTAIN RANCH VACATION GUESTS: Arrival and Departure Dates_______________---_____________
Number of Nights________ Number of Guests______ Includes cabin, all meals and guided horseback riding.
Check in 4 p.m. - Check out 10 a.m. No riding scheduled on arrival and departure dates.


Please Indicate Which Pack Trip You Want: Spot Pack Trip____ or Guided Pack Trip____
Other________________________ Dates Packing In and Out _________________---__________________ 
Destination ________________________(Spot Pack only)    # Riders in Group____ # Hikers____  
Cabin Wanted? No thanks___ Yes___ Dates:__________________________ Dinner?____ Breakfast?____
Pre- trip Cabin and Meals are not included in pack trip price. Make reservation if you wish to purchase them.

First, I completely understand that travel and living in the back country can be risky and dangerous. For example, I realize that the weather can drastically change, trails may not be maintained, horses are unpredictable, travel and conditions are rough, dangerous, and tiring, and we will be many miles from roads where help and medical attention would be available.  Second, I understand that these risks, dangers and hardships cannot be controlled or eliminated, even with careful planning, experience, foresight, and alertness on your part. I understand that you cannot guarantee my safety or well-being, and do not provide helmets, I may bring my own.

Completely understanding this and more, I assume all dangers and risks involved in my trip with you. Further, I totally release and discharge you, your business, employees, and the like from liability and damages as a result of any bodily or personal injuries or property damage or death incurred by me in connection with our trip, regardless of whose fault or negligence, if any, it is and even if the fault or negligence is yours, or that of your business, employees or agents.  WARNING: Under Wyoming Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to W.S. 1-1-126. We are not responsible for lost or damaged belongings. Check your homeowners insurance policy for coverage or buy trip insurance.

Signature _______________________________________________ Date _______________ 
Guest has read and fully understands waiver and deposit policy. (Parent or guardian and minor child sign too.) GUEST MUST BE IN REASONABLY GOOD PHYSICAL SHAPE AND NOT AFFECTED BY ALTITUDE.  

— Please Print — 
Full Name ________________________________________Amount For Party Deposit $_________ 

Address __________________________________________________________ 

City____________________________ State_______  Zip _________________ 
Phone - Home______________________ Work ___________________ Cell___________________ 


Age_____________ Sex____________ Weight____________ Height____________ 

Travel / Trip Cancellation Insurance____________________________________

Health Insurance Co______________________ Policy # __________________________

Special Dietary Requirements/Allergies_________________________________________________

Riding Experience circle one: novice intermediate expert
Detail your riding experience__________________________________________________________ 

How Did You Discover Us? __________________________________________________________

How will you arrive at the Diamond Four Ranch?__________________________________________

Date/Time?____________________________ # Guests in Party _______