Spot Pack Trips


The Diamond 4 Ranch is in Dickinson Park, one of the eastern entrances to the Wind Rivers at 9,200 ft elevation and west of Lander, Wyoming. Well-known for world class fly fishing, backpacking and rock climbing, "The Winds" are spectacularly rugged and remote. The Diamond 4 Ranch can help you plan your wilderness adventure. Let our horses lighten your load by carrying all your gear, while you enjoy the scenery along the trail from the back of a kind and sure-footed saddle horse. You may opt to hike instead of ride, carrying only your day pack and meeting the wrangler with your gear at your wilderness destination. Our wranglers will lead your party and the pack string to a camp in the Popo Agie Wilderness, drop you off at an alpine lake or stream, then return later to pack you out. We provide the wranglers and horses, you supply your own camp gear and food. A Spot Pack Trip is perfect for families or groups of friends for trout fishing, hiking, camping and rock climbing.

Climbers - we pack gear into Lonesome Lake and Cirque of the Towers, Cathedral Peak area and into Grave Lake near Mt Hooker. We will load each pack horse with 140 lbs maximum. You're only charged for the days the horses are used: 2 days for a roundtrip in and out. Cabins are available before your trip, by advance reservation. It is $90/person for a cabin, dinner and breakfast.

Season: late-June to mid-September

Daily Rate: $250/horse for each day on the trail (roundtrip is 2 days) 
Saddle Horses + Pack Horses = Total x $250/day
Plus $250 for the 1st wrangler and $200 for each additional wrangler needed

Pack Horses are loaded with 140 lbs maximum.
Wranglers can lead a string of up to 4 horses. If using more than 4 horses, it will require additional wrangler(s).

To confirm a reservation, please send in a 25% deposit (in the form of a check) along with this form - Reservation Form.

Please print out this Trip Planning Information for helpful info and a packing list. Please share with each member of your group.

Contact Jessie Allen or Jim & Mary Allen
P.O. Box 243 - Lander, WY 82520 
(307) 332-2995 or (307) 349-6675 
Facebook - Allens Diamond 4 Ranch